Journey Behind the Falls

Compared to all of the other available perspectives of the Niagara Falls this one is completely unique. Customers taking this attraction descend down over 100 feet behind the Horseshoe Falls and explore century old tunnels formed through the bedrock. You'll be able to feel the thunderous vibrations long before you see Falls.

You can view the water from the Canadian Horseshoe Falls cascading from behind though openings that are present in the tunnels. In addition to these tunnels this attraction also includes an observation deck that provides an insane looking point and photo opportunity. This deck is elevated to allow customers to view the Niagara Falls beside them. The deck is sprayed by water from the Falls but the operators do provide Raincoats to keeps customers dry and prevent it from affecting the rest of their trip.

This attraction is run by Niagara Parks and is available for customers year round. The Journey Behind the Falls can be added to your Niagara Falls tour with BG Tours Canada as an optional add on. This attraction is listed at $19.95 + 13% tax for Adults (ages 13+) and $13.00 + 13% tax for Children (ages up to 12). Please let the tour guide know if you are interested on the day of your tour.

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