The Skylon Tower stands at around 500 feet from street level and 775 feet from the bottom of the Niagara Falls, the observation deck at this tower is the best place to get an arial view of Niagara Falls. This view unlike other arial views provides a spectacular 360 degrees of the entire city along with the Niagara Falls. The signature Yellow Bug elevators — that were the first of their kind are designed to get tourists up 520 feet to the top in 52 seconds — with glass paneling to enjoy the view on the way up and back down as well. For customer who do not want to spend on the helicopter ride, this is an affordable alternate for an arial view of the Niagara Region.

Construction of the Tower began in May of 1964 and the Tower was open for business in October of 1965. For customers that are interested, in addition to the view the Skylon Tower also has great dining options with its Revolving Dining Room and Buffets that also include a free ride to the top.

The Skylon Tower is available year round and can be added to your Niagara Falls tour with BG Tours Canada as an optional add on. A trip to the observational deck of The Tower is listed at $12.50 + 13% tax for Adults (ages 13+) and $8.50 + 13% tax for Children (ages up to 12).

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