The Hornblower Boat Cruise (former Maid of the Mist) will get you as close as physically possible to the Niagara Falls as it takes the journey past the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls straight into the the thunder of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The close proximity means you should prepare to get drenched, luckily, the Hornblower Boat Cruise operators do provide raincoats to ensure that this experience does not affect the rest of your trip.

The boat cruise is the perfect addition to the experience that is our Niagara Falls tour. It provides our customers with an alternate, breathtaking view of the falls that you will not be able to see elsewhere.

The Hornblower boat cruise is the most popular attraction amongst tourists and our customers visiting Niagara Falls. It is operational during the Spring, Summer and Autumn from May to November (may vary based on snow and ice conditions along the niagara river) and can be added to your Niagara Falls tour with BG Tours Canada as an optional add onThe Boat Cruise is listed at 31.25 + 13% HST per Adult and $20.50 + 13% HST per Child. Purchasing your tickets through us will allow you to surpass any lines and waits on the day of your tour, saving you a lot of time on the day of.

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