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A Glimpse into the Iconic Skylon Tower

Standing tall and proud on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, the Skylon Tower is more than just an observation deck—it’s a beacon of architectural marvel and a symbol of the Falls’ grandeur. Since its grand opening on October 6, 1965, this tower has offered visitors unparalleled views of one of nature’s greatest spectacles. At 775 feet above the falls, it provides a panoramic vista that captures the essence of Niagara’s beauty and power.

Unmatched Views and Dining Experience

When you visit the Skylon Tower, you’re not just taking in a view; you’re immersing yourself in an experience. The journey begins with the iconic Yellow Bug Elevators, which whisk you to the top in just 52 seconds. As you ascend, the world transforms beneath you, and you’re greeted with breathtaking views of the Horseshoe and American Falls, the Great Gorge, and the vibrant cityscape.

At the summit, the revolving dining room awaits, offering a 360-degree dining experience that combines gourmet cuisine with stunning vistas. Each rotation takes an hour, allowing you to leisurely enjoy a meal while soaking in the ever-changing scenery. Whether you’re savoring a delectable dinner or indulging in a relaxed lunch, the Skylon Tower’s dining options promise an unforgettable culinary journey.

Attractions and Activities at Skylon Tower

Beyond its observation deck and dining experiences, the Skylon Tower is a hub of entertainment and excitement. The lower concourse is home to a vibrant Family Fun Centre, featuring a wide array of arcade games and interactive attractions perfect for visitors of all ages. For those seeking a bit of retail therapy, the Tower also boasts a variety of shopping outlets offering unique souvenirs and gifts that capture the spirit of Niagara Falls.

The Skylon Tower’s 4D theater offers an immersive cinematic experience, bringing the history and majesty of Niagara Falls to life through state-of-the-art visuals and sound. It’s a perfect way to deepen your understanding and appreciation of this natural wonder.

Events and Celebrations

The Skylon Tower is not just a tourist attraction; it’s a venue for life’s special moments. From intimate weddings with a backdrop of the falls to corporate events and celebrations, the Tower’s versatile spaces and breathtaking views provide the perfect setting for any occasion. Imagine exchanging vows with the majestic falls in the background or hosting a gala dinner that guests will remember for a lifetime.

Why Choose BG Tours Canada for Your Skylon Tower Visit?

At BG Tours Canada, we specialize in creating memorable day tours to Niagara Falls, ensuring that every aspect of your visit is seamless and enjoyable. Our expert guides provide insights into the history and significance of the Skylon Tower and Niagara Falls, enriching your experience with fascinating stories and facts. With convenient transportation, VIP access, and personalized service, we make sure your day is as spectacular as the views from the top of the Skylon Tower.

Plan Your Visit Today

Ready to experience the Skylon Tower’s awe-inspiring views and attractions? Book your Niagara Falls day tour with BG Tours Canada and embark on an adventure that blends natural beauty, thrilling activities, and unforgettable moments.

Contact us today to reserve your spot and discover why the Skylon Tower is a must-see destination on your Niagara Falls journey.

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